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From the moment you step off the elevator until you arrive in your room, you will know our Maternity Department was developed especially for women. This recently remodeled department features comfortable, private birthing rooms for labor, delivery and recovery, a well-equipped, high-tech nursery, and a staff that is dedicated to the special needs of mothers and newborns. After delivery, when mother and baby are ready, youíll both move to postpartum rooms on the same floor, away from the noise and commotion in the labor and delivery area.
Many of the design elements in the department are the result of feedback from patients. One of the special improvements is a step-up viewing bench for young children to be able to view siblings in the nursery.
The hospital also has several security measures in place for the protection of infants and mothers.
Kangaroo Care
JSMC introduced Kangaroo Care in 2012 to encourage skin-to-skin contact between parents and their newborns. It helps newborns transition to life outside the womb, promotes sleep, minimizes pain perception, and has many other benefits. As Kangaroo Care improves parental bonding with newborns, itís also expected to help decrease the rate of child abuse.
As part of this initiative, the Maternity Department has instituted quiet time every day from 2 to 4 p.m.
Many babies need extra medical attention after they're born, which is why JSMC provides a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to ensure their health and give mothers additional peace of mind.
Our NICU cares for premature, critically ill, and twins or other multiple-birth infants. In addition to extensive training and advanced technology, our NICU team follows a family-centered approach to neonatal intensive care. The emphasis is on providing the family with as much information as possible, a process that often begins with a tour of the NICU before delivery.
Throughout your stay, our staff will carefully explain the baby's prognosis and course of treatment. We'll also try to arrange times for the mother to be with her newborn. Fathers, partners, and grandparents also are welcome and encouraged to help nurture the tiny new life.
Maternity services are located on the third floor of hospital and can only be accessed by one elevator for security purposes. For a tour to meet our staff and see our range of services first hand, call (270) 887-0330.
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