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Patient Registration
Registration Process
Upon arrival to our facility, each patient or patientís representative will go through the registration process. Your registration is the first step in accurately recording your hospital visit. Obtaining your correct information is our main priority. Your registration clerk is required to ask you detailed questions in order to complete this process. To make sure your billing statement meets accuracy standards, you will be requested to provide photo identification and proof of insurance (if available) during each visit.
During the registration process, you or your legal representative will be asked to sign a treatment authorization form allowing us to perform the service(s) your physician has ordered. If you are asked to sign other forms, the registration clerk will explain these forms to you prior to requesting your signature.
Insurance companies often require that the patient or policy holder obtain specific certifications prior to obtaining services.
Please refer to the benefits section of your specific insurance policy to make sure all the necessary requirements have been met to prevent possible denials in payment.
Payment Requests
If your insurance requires you to pay copayments or meet deductibles, we will ask you for this payment prior to receiving services, with the exception of Emergency Room Treatment. Payment for Emergency Room services will be requested upon discharge.
Little or No Insurance?
If you do not have insurance coverage or you have insufficient insurance coverage, Jennie Stuart Medical Center is happy to provide a screening service, at no additional cost to you, for Kentuckyís Medicaid/DSH (disproportionate share program).
The DSH program is supported by the Department for Medicaid Services with hospitals being responsible for determining eligibility. People who live in Kentucky and who do not qualify for Medicaid may qualify for DSH if their income and resources are within DSH program guidelines.
For the hospital to determine eligibility, income verification requires that you provide pay stubs, tax returns or other documentation of your income. The hospital may also require additional information to evaluate resources, such as a credit check. Failure to provide required information within 10 calendar days will result in a determination of ineligibility and the applicant will be fully responsible for the charge incurred and subject to hospital collection proceedings.
If you desire this service, contact a MedAssist Representative by phone at (270) 887-6812. If you prefer to talk to someone in person, ask your registration clerk for directions to the MedAssist office.
Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am to 4:30pm. To see if you are eligible for other charitable benefits that may be available, please call one of our financial counselors at (270) 887-0332 or (270) 887-0234.
If requested, the billing office will be happy to provide you an estimated charge summary within a few days of your visit. If you have insurance coverage, the Business office will promptly submit a claim on your behalf to the insurance carrier you provided us during your registration process.
The business office will mail you a balance due statement if there is still money due after the insurance carrier has sent payment on your account (usually 30-60 days). Payment in full is expected upon receipt of this statement.
If you have any questions about your bill or our process, please contact a Patient Account Representative during normal business hours of Monday–Friday, 8am–4:30pm at (270) 887-0328.
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