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Suffering from severe shoulder pain for several years, Bobby Jewell admits he didn’t think he’d ever be pain free. But the Caldwell County farmer found relief much faster than he expected, thanks to a reverse shoulder replacement performed by Rudy Robbe, MD, at Jennie Stuart Medical Center.
"I had been in extreme pain for two to three years in both shoulders," Bobby says. "For two or three years I couldn’t do anything because of it." But after having an MRI on both shoulders and his neck at West Kentucky Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, he had surgery on his left shoulder in August 2011, then on his right shoulder in March 2012.
"It has worked out fine. The day I came home from the first surgery I slept without pain in that shoulder," he recalls. "Everything was great as far as the surgery — I was able to go in for the surgery and went home the next day."
He started physical therapy, and after about six weeks returned to a follow-up visit with Dr. Robbe. "He asked if I could move my arm, and I stuck it straight up in the air. He went to get everybody there to come in and see how much it had improved."
The surgery was necessitated because of the pain as well as severe shoulder dysfunction.
In a healthy shoulder, the upper arm bone ends in a ball shape. This fits into a socket formed by the shoulder blade (scapula). Together this ball and socket form the shoulder. With a reverse shoulder procedure, the structure of the healthy shoulder is reversed. An implant is designed so that the ball portion is attached to the scapula and the socket is placed at the upper end of the arm bone. It was successful in relieving Jewell’s pain as well as restoring motion and providing increased stability.
"The Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement is an excellent procedure that we are glad to offer to our community. Over the last few years, our patients have had excellent results with this procedure, giving them great relief after years of debilitating arthritis or serious shoulder injuries," Dr. Robbe says.
There was a time when Bobby had little arm mobility. Today he can use his left arm to reach all the way behind his back.
"Now I do everything I’ve ever done," he says, which is valuable for his farming operation. He farms 165 acres of his own and takes care of another 100 acres.
He eagerly recommends the procedure and JSMC to those with similar symptoms.